The Vivapop All-American Soap Box Derby

2010 Soap Box Derby Drivers

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Tuesday, 23 March 2010 21:05

  • Lily Blackwell Lily Blackwell
  • Aaron Jaffe Aaron Jaffe
  • Kyle Harold Kelly Kyle Harold Kelly
  • Brian Martin Brian Martin
  • Marcello Masciarelli Marcello Masciarelli

Jaden Williams : Sponsor: VivaPop
Car Number: 1
Jaden attends Dundee. Her interests are sports and theatre.

Ben Zabin : Sponsor: RBS Sempra Commodities
Car Number: 2
Ben attends GCDS. He is interested in magic.

Michael Izzo : Sponsor: J & B Body Works
Car Number: 7
Michael attends Iona Prepatory. His interests are soccer, wrestling, and dancing.

Nicholas Plants : Sponsor: VivaPop
Car Number: 8
Ben enjoys playing soccer.

Samantha DeCicco : Sponsor: VivaPop
Car Number: 10
Samantha attends Blue Mountain School. Her interests are science, shopping, dancing, and music.

Jared Wolfson : Sponsor: Wolfson Racing Team
Car Number: 12
Jared attends Brunswick School. His interests are science, nature, and computers.

Alejandro Pizzaro : Sponsor: Wells Fargo
Car Number: 13
Alejandro attends Port Chester Middle School. His interests are soccer, theatre, and snowboarding.

Noah Granoff : Sponsor: Nestle Waters North America
Car Number: 14
Noah attends Masters School, Dobbs Ferry. His interests are snowboarding, sports car, and grafitti art.

Misha Moffly : Sponsor: Moffly Media/Greenwich Magazine
Car Number: 15
Misha attends Weston High School. His interests are violin, breakdancing, rockclimbing, and diving.

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